We will gladly offer a refund for any incorrect, unopened items sent or items deemed faulty by our quality control department after our inspection of your returned product. However, this applies only if the item is not replaceable by an exchange.

In the case where you have received the incorrect product, you will be sent the correct item upon the receipt of the incorrect delivery.

Return requests must be made via our website by submitting a case on the ‘Contact Us’ page, telephone, or email within 24 hours of receiving your item. Once we have confirmed your exchange with an RA number, the item must be sent back within 42 hours.

Please Note:

  • All return accepted refunds are applied to the original card or account of purchase, and there is,
  • No return of exchange for change of mind after purchase.
  • Tobacco Market may at its discretion, ask for evidence of damage or incorrect product received.
  • If your product has been damaged in transit, you will be reimbursed for the original shipping cost.
  • Refunds and exchanges will be picked up from the delivery address, you will be notified of a collection window.
  • Upon validation of return, exchanged item will be scheduled for re-delivery and you will be notified of the delivery window.
  • All re-deliveries must have the nominated person (18+) available at time of delivery or it will be returned to store.